Senin, 24 Januari 2011

The Big Bad Wolf I

 "What are we going to be with the baby girl??
the Big Bad Wolf wants her.
He will hurt her...
what do we do? "

We are the fairy GOTH Sisters, we take care of the Little Princess.
She came form a rich family from the human land, but since the human land got too dangerous, her parents put her under our care. We took care of her like a cotton, despite our dark nature.

Now the Princess is old enough to wonder the forest on her own. We send her out to gather some Ice Roses, while Fairy Ayre cook dinner, Fairy Caz research, and Fairy Fla warm the beds. An hour later she went home with a flushed face. When we asked her what happen she told us she met a prince, a tall one. Since then every time we sent the Princess, she came home beaming.


What the humans don't was that the Fairy world wasn't always as save as it is. Back in the day, the 3 GOTH Fairies were considered royalties. They used to lived in peace. But the Big Wolf came, at first he was good to them or at least civil. But as times goes by, the Fairies staring to see the real him, it really puts the Fairies on edge. A battle between them broke loose, the fairies win, but the Wolf had prepared for that, he set up a trap that forces the Fairies to move out. 

Well, they choose to move out anyway. They don't think that its worth to fight with the Big Bad Wolf anymore. He was..... just plain annoying. So they move out of the Castle to their warm and cozy Magic Mushroom. 

(fairy Fla will describe more of the battle in her part of the tale. ) 


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