Senin, 24 Januari 2011

The Big Bad Wolf I

 "What are we going to be with the baby girl??
the Big Bad Wolf wants her.
He will hurt her...
what do we do? "

We are the fairy GOTH Sisters, we take care of the Little Princess.
She came form a rich family from the human land, but since the human land got too dangerous, her parents put her under our care. We took care of her like a cotton, despite our dark nature.

Now the Princess is old enough to wonder the forest on her own. We send her out to gather some Ice Roses, while Fairy Ayre cook dinner, Fairy Caz research, and Fairy Fla warm the beds. An hour later she went home with a flushed face. When we asked her what happen she told us she met a prince, a tall one. Since then every time we sent the Princess, she came home beaming.


What the humans don't was that the Fairy world wasn't always as save as it is. Back in the day, the 3 GOTH Fairies were considered royalties. They used to lived in peace. But the Big Wolf came, at first he was good to them or at least civil. But as times goes by, the Fairies staring to see the real him, it really puts the Fairies on edge. A battle between them broke loose, the fairies win, but the Wolf had prepared for that, he set up a trap that forces the Fairies to move out. 

Well, they choose to move out anyway. They don't think that its worth to fight with the Big Bad Wolf anymore. He was..... just plain annoying. So they move out of the Castle to their warm and cozy Magic Mushroom. 

(fairy Fla will describe more of the battle in her part of the tale. ) 


Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

What's the Title?? I don't Know

we are in the verge of NEOPETSSSSSSSS!!! (please ignore the excessive use of "s" in the Neopets)


soooo, we developed a language in ANCIENT RUNESSSSSSSS!!!!! (again, please IGNORE)
oh, and, we;re posting this blog post just for the sake of POSTING .

....uhhh... soo--- BYEEE!!!

Selasa, 02 November 2010

new citizen ???

okay, so we have an update on our citizen..

so we found this guy, dump on the border of our kingdom. (writing that was weird because the moment i finish the line and look up, the aforementioned guy is sitting in front of me. )
so yeah, and he is here. with no name, we still call him noname, coz we haven't find a suitable name for him yet, and i doubt that we will ever found it. this stranger had been a victim of abuse. by whom we don't know...... *look around* and now he is recovering from it. but i'm not sure if he will be a permanent residence here in VIP Kingdom, because this stranger turns cold....

and we also have another new comers, she came from the neighboring kingdom. and we are in the deliberation process on taking her into one of our rulers. but for the mean time she have to back to where she came from to hand;e a few things.

we will update more on that.
dont die okay...

ayre dooffee knox.

Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

VIPism episodes

so, we. the VIP proudly presents ......


it is a series of crazy events that happen in our life in the VIP kingdom. the first episode was the Flame Alchemist (view last post). we will have guests coming over to our house, and we will tell you all the crazy detail (if we have time, coz we are sorta busy now, not sorta. we are busty. very busy)

we will be updating soon. we already come up with new episodes.

Senin, 08 Maret 2010

The Flame Alchemist

as a flame alchemist , i have to look up on another flame alchemist which is called ROY MUSTANG !!!

apparently , he's the dog of the millitary and he visits us last week . oh . and Doo got mad cos theres someone else burning the house other than me . well , he doesnt have much experience in dodging wrenches(i bet edward does) and well , he ended going home w/ swollen eyes (EYES not eye jsyk)

Oh . Caz and Ed seems to get into an arguement that consists of a Philosopher stone and a witch's believe . Ed doesnt believe in witch craft , and ta - da ! we have Caz !! oh , because of that arguement , Ed has to fix his 'tail' cos Caz just made Buckbeak(ayre's hypogriff) peck it off .

in the end , he BELIEVED that witchcraft DO exist since his 'tail' grew back by drinking Caz's frog's skin potion (actually , it doesnt do anything , it's only a skin of a frog that taste like zombies n the truth is , Caz just cast him spells)

Al , who came along w/ Ed played in the living room w/ Mokona (mokona is mokona , if u have one mokona and another mokona , you will have TWO mokonas) . anyway , in the end , Mokona regretted playing w/ Al since Al is -- um . un-nibble-able in his armor suit .

How bout me , you ask ? well , i chase Roy around begging for a long detailed look at his glove's transmutation circle . pretty much the same as me . Minus lizard , minus the tiny flame . Mine is w/ my zodiac and my flowers .

Thats pretty much it .

Flames ,
Flamence N. Fyrz

Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

chocolate chocolate andd . . . more chocolate ?

i am feeling so down today . GRR .
everything seems fresher than fresh in the morning , and when we started our biology class , everything becomes sour . at biology , we have to study about genes and stuff . its so flamin' confusin !! well , for me it is . and i havent planned to make children yet and i have no idea about genes , i mean , sure , i know that the child have gotta look a lotta like the parents bt that was pretty much it . For the whole time , Caz and Doof talked like Greek in the biology class and i have to surf around the lair for answers . That paper was damn lucky that i didnt burn it . the genes that i have to study is about dorkz , zorks , whatever the 'ork' is anyway . and in the end , i guessed my whole paper and handed it in .
anyway , i'm in despo need of chocolate !! no , i'm not a coffeeholic and i'm not a shopaholic and i definitely AM NOT an alcoholic . thats that .
that biology thing has ruined my mood for the rest of the day .
and come to think of it , we have homework for Math . and Business study . and Social . and English.
Remind me again why we NEED to go to school .

Flame On U ,
Flamence N. Fyrz

Jumat, 19 Februari 2010


okay, i've been talking about another new member of VIP and this time it would be a guy, and...

HE IS HERE!! he got here by air, im serious, he fly!!

wanna know him??

he is....... [drum roll plzzz]

he flies!!

which means he and Caz will have a flying match, will he able to defeat Caz's racing broom?? hhhmmm.... i dont care as long as they do it out door, not INSIDE the house. since i'll have to fix after them.

well, a quick report from the break. well mine is boring. the days with the VIPs are better [can't believe i'm saying that , the fact that they are abusive]. well, have to go back to my pile of homework.